Arovane — Miniaturen

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The new work by Uwe Zahn, aka Arovane, is not just an album of specially composed tracks or a mechanical selection of 26 short sound fragments. The comments for the album explain that here we have “snapshots, gems” that “lived for a while “ on Uwe’s computer. Each track did not fit into any album format, also they could be described as transitions or sound pauses between longer pieces. Fortunately all these fragments, rich of different music ideas and interesting elements, found themselves inside an excellent album, beautiful and atmospheric. This ambient work, carefully structured by the label and composer, could be easily played on repeat. At the same time, each track sounds like a finalized independent composition, interesting by itself. For those who prefer analog solutions, the label offers a cassette, professionally duplicated and mastered!


Author: Alexei Borisov

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