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Angela Seo: “I would just hope that the record has some meaningful existence in some way”

A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Angela Seo joined the band Xiu Xiu back in 2009. After playing a huge role in every release, the audience saw come to light another record from the band – Ignore Grief. Angela shared the impressions after an extensive tour, a work with David Kendrick and the main goal of the band’s experiments.

1. Hi Angela! What are your impressions from this tour and how do your current emotions differ from all of the previous band’s concerts?

Mixed bag, as always.

No surprise that touring is as physically and mentally taxing as ever, and doesn’t get easier the older I get. And there’s the extra stress of COVID as we don’t have the luxury of getting sick on tour. 

But my bandmates are great and easy to travel with, and most importantly, everyone coming out to the shows have been particularly sweet and supportive. Some people saying this is their first show since the shutdowns, or that they’ve been waiting years, and so this welcoming sense of reconnecting, meeting each other again in a collective sense. 

It’s a nice moment to be extra appreciative and not take it for granted.

2. What is the main point of your experiments – do you perceive it as some kind of game meant to confuse the listener or do you do it only for yourself?

No games. There’s nothing done with the sole purpose of confusing or shocking the listener, nor do I think it’s completely accurate to say it’s just for myself. It’s more natural than that – to try new sounds and approaches to explore, learn, and create something.

3. Can the destructiveness in the music have some positive coloring, or is the picture always the same?

Depends on what you mean by destructiveness and what you are destroying. Sometimes you have to get rid of some things to make room for something new. But mindless destruction for the sake of destruction alone doesn’t always lead to something interesting or new. 

4. What is it like to work with David Kendrick? What do you think this band member brought to the overall palette of Xiu Xiu?

He’s a fun player and it’s nice to have good live drums/percussion in this iteration. He brings great energy.

5. Did producing this record bring any conclusions for you? What would you note after finishing this work?

It’s always nice to finish a piece of something and release it. I would just hope that the record has some meaningful existence in some way, that there is a point to it existing in the world. 

6. Do you feel the concept of Xiu Xiu changing from year to year under the influence of any social processes?

Some years we change more than in other years, influenced by everything in and around us. I think it’s just a natural process of Xiu Xiu just being a part of us.

7. What is the main principle by which Xiu Xiu has managed to exist for decades?

Xiu Xiu for life.

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Questions: Ilya Kudrin
Photos: Cody Cloud

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