Various Artists — Genome 3

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Genome 3 is a compilation, the third one in this series, organized by Point Source electronic music label, media art service and creative community from the United States. The label provided each participant of the compilation with a sample kit of hundreds of sounds and loops. As a result we got a selection of 21 tracks, recorded by different musicians/projects, most of them unknown for me. But the result in general is very impressive. The musicians used the same sounds and loops, but created rather different tracks, interesting rhythmically and carefully structured. The intensity of the tracks are different as well. It could be highly dynamic dance composition, or something more industrial and glitchy with some idm flavor, or pure idm, more relaxed and abstract. Hopefully the genetic sound experiment will be continued. As a bonus the artists of Genome 3 have assembled a brand new sample kit with over 1500 sounds and instruments. I’d like to add that the quality of sound in general is very high (all tracks are mastered by Alex Stilts at Orbit Room Audio Design) and each composition is supplied by original artwork by Mike Slansky.


Author: Alexei Borisov

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