Suumhow — Years Failed Successfully

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The duo Suumhow is a collective from Brussels, Belgium. The project issued its third record under the name Years Failed Successfully. This work can be described as a combination of post rock influences and analog sonic warmth with some light noisy crunching sounds.

What was always interesting about the US-based label n5MD (which gave its audience such projects as Proem and Funckarma) is the ability to operate in a different range of genres, Electroacoustics, ambient, braindance and even post-classical music.

The fourth track NON PEUT ETRE transports us into the same rock space thanks to the bass guitar used. The record is inspiring in its logic and minimalism.

The fact that more and more melodic braindance artists (like Arovane and Matmos) move towards the ambient/experimental direction leaves the project in their own niche where they can work and explore themselves as a creative entity.

The last track NINI marks an intriguing and mysterious ending to the album with an impression that there are more tracks to come.

Years Failed Successfully is a very moody, weather-associated record, created to feel the short moments of life. In this album there are less complex braindance beats, they seem lighter and easy to perceive. The work shows the ability of the musicians to be flexible enough to adjust themselves perfectly to the n5MD concept. It’s a well-produced release that will allow the listener to lose himself in time.


Author: Ilya Kudrin

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