Thierry Holweck — When Animals Attack

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Thierry Holweck is a composer and sound artist based in Lyon, France. The artist is known for his work for Panda Transport, a lounge electro pop duo with singer Kathy Compton and also some TV companies such as ABC and CBS.

His newest album When Animals Attack is entirely dedicated to modular synthesis. The experiments led to quite a light music, created for casual listening. In certain fragments it reminds us of the album by Mileece named Formations which was entirely composed from plant-generated sounds.

Although in this particular release, Thierry uses some other tools and techniques, the album doesn’t lose any conceptualism at all. This music could easily work for a documentary film or other forms of cinematography. 

When Animals Attack is a well-produced music work from an experienced musician. It looks like a healthy diet, you feel satiated after listening to it, but without any heavy feelings.


Author: Ilya Kudrin

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